Web Developer Probation

Bellow is a list of challenges that you should complete.
Deadline: December 15, 2023.
Designation: WordPress Web Developer

Table of Contents
1. Simple WordPress Plugin

Create a basic PHP WordPress plugin that displays a custom message on the homepage.

2. Custom Post Type

Create a custom post type named ‘portfolio’ with custom fields for ‘project_description’, and ‘project_link’ using PHP code snippet.

3. AJAX Request

Implement an AJAX request to fetch and display dynamic content on a WordPress page using PHP.

4. Questions & Answers

The ideal answer will be available after the deadline.

The ideal answer will be available after the deadline.

The ideal answer will be available after the deadline.

The ideal answer will be available after the deadline.

The ideal answer will be available after the deadline.

The ideal answer will be available after the deadline.

5. Create a Plagiarism Checker Plugin

Develop a plagiarism checker WordPress plugin that allows frontend users to enter text in a field on a page, enabling the plugin to perform a plagiarism check. The plugin should save user entries and the corresponding plagiarism check results in the database. As an admin, I should be able to install and activate the plugin, add a shortcode to a page, and seamlessly integrate the plagiarism checker functionality.


  1. Frontend User Interaction:
    1. Create a page with a text field allowing frontend users to input text for plagiarism checking.
    2. Implement a button to trigger the plagiarism check.
  2. Plagiarism Check:
    1. Integrate an external plagiarism detection API to check the submitted text for similarities.
    2. Provide a clear indication of the plagiarism check result on the frontend.
  3. Database Integration:
    1. Save user-submitted text along with the plagiarism check result in the WordPress database.
    2. Include a backend interface to view and manage user entries and results.
  4. Admin Functionality:
    1. Allow the admin to install and activate the plugin easily.
    2. Provide an option for the admin to customize settings, including the choice of the plagiarism detection API.
  5. Shortcode Integration: Create a shortcode that can be added to any WordPress page to embed the plagiarism checker.

Shortcode Implementation: Follow WordPress shortcode development standards. You can refer to the WordPress Shortcode API guidance.

Database Handling: Utilize WordPress functions for database interactions. You may use custom tables or existing ones based on your design.

Evaluation Criteria:

  1. Functionality:
    – Plagiarism check accuracy.
    – Seamless integration on the frontend.
    – Proper database storage and retrieval of user entries.
  2. Flexibility:
    – Admin customization options.
    – Compatibility with different plagiarism detection APIs.
  3. Usability:
    – Easy installation and activation for the admin.
    – Intuitive frontend user interface.
  4. Code Quality:
    – Adherence to WordPress coding standards.
    – Well-commented and organized code.

Note: Ensure that your solution respects user privacy and adheres to the terms of use of the selected plagiarism detection API.

6. Submission Guidelines

At the conclusion of the probation period, please consolidate your responses to the provided question into a single Microsoft Word document. Additionally, ensure the submission of any requested plugins by December 15, 2023. Please use the provided fields to share a Wetranfer URL containing all the necessary files. Your timely and comprehensive submission is appreciated.


In the end of this probation challenges, you are required to present your work.

7. Submission Form